2020, Gimme Plenty

2020, Gimme Plenty

New year, new decade. How you gonna tackle it?

The time has come to start picking resolutions, aim you hopes as high as they can be, and with a little perseverance, try to make it all happen. What’s different this time around? Well, we just polished of a decade. More specifically, we ended a well-rounded 10 years, essentially (we end a decade every year, says some asshole). Building off of this, I’m sure most people aren’t just making the usual resolutions for this year alone but are actually setting some 10-year long goals as well.

All this is well and good, but when was the last time you remember actually fulfilling a new years resolution past the 1 month mark? Or the 2 or 3 months marks for that matter? Spurting out ambitious promises while holding a glass of champagne and dawning a dress covered in cocktail sausage stains, isn’t a memory that would serve as the key point of motivation for your endeavor over the coming 365 days, I would imagine.

You’ll rarely see some posts online from people that have actually followed through with their goals from last year and entered the rare and elusive club of the “I did its”. However, when you do eventually come across someone who made it to the finish line, there is usually one key takeaway. The resolution they opted to pursue is usually one that you could class as sustainable and reactionary. Looking the other way whenever a slice of cake enters the room or drastically reducing the number of Budweisers you consume on a daily basis are goals I would personally deem sustainable, for instance. On the other hand, setting yourself a challenge such as sky diving every single weekend or donating 40% of your wages to charity every month, these would fall under the category of the same name, “Challenges”.

In essence, taking on a beneficial change to your daily routines is a form of resolution I would deem as sustainable, simply due to the fact that they don’t incur massive undertakings or planning, they are easily controllable and trackable on a daily basis. They are of course “challenges”, but small ones. Not in the sense that you need to go out of your way to do them but that they are incorporable to your current routine. They are also the easiest way of entering the coveted club of ”I did its”.

I’m not going to list my chosen resolutions for this year, but hopefully on this date in 2021 I will be wearing the club jacket as well.

More to come.

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