New setup. Who dis?

New setup. Who dis?

New blog layout, new posts, newness is rampant… Before I begin, yes, I have taken notice of the alarming gap in dates between this post and the last. I have had lapses in routine before, but damn, this was a doosey. It’s not to say there hasn’t been anything going on, on the contrary, I have had a number of things worthy of writing about happen in my absence. This is what initially motivated me to get off my gelatinous ass and back in to action again. Before getting into that though, let me update the many, many, many, numerous loyal readers of this site as to what’s new…

Total revamp. I have been running my Jekyll site under my own variants of the Uno theme for little under a year now, and whereas it has served me well, I just needed a change. Have you ever rearranged the furniture in your living room and felt an empty sense of accomplishment for just a little while? That’s kind of the idea here. I still have an entire years’ worth of old posts to reformat and upload still, but in the meantime I’m just going to focus creating some new stuff.

I’ve discovered some great new technologies, tricks and skills in the past few months that are definitely worth a mention. To that effect, I do plan on returning to a more theme oriented format for my upcoming entries, as opposed to the sort of adhoc blabbing I tend to pull out of my sleeve sometimes… Believe me, half-assing it can get tiring for both of us.

Anyways, just wanted to break in this new puppy and get the ball rolling once again.

More to come.

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